Floor Plan vs. Exterior Style

Every website that is offering floor plans (including this one) asks you to input floor plan information, hit search and then look at a list of exterior images of different homes.  Sadly, we believe this is backwards. Your priority should be in finding the perfect floor plan then creating the exterior style for it that you want.  Not finding the exterior you like then being disappointed that the floor plan does not have what you need or is too large for your budget.   

We take great pride in our ability to take most any floor plan and give it the style that you greatly desire.  Yes, some things must change a bit (windows, roof lines, front porches, etc), but these don’t usually affect the floor plan a whole lot.

SO, FOCUS ON FINDING YOUR IDEAL FLOOR PLAN, then give us a picture of your dream home, and let us take it from there.

  These pictures show four different styles of homes that are all from the same ‘base’ floor plan.